E-Zone cloud co-location, for economic partners of Curacao

The island of Curacao

How it works

The philosophy of the e-zone cloud is simply that we can do more as a community than we can as individuals. In a community we can share costs, help each other when things go wrong and share ideas. Each individual investing a small amount into the community infrastructure has the benefit of the collective investments. This is what we are trying to achieve.

The E-Zone cloud, in its most basic form, is a collection of client servers sharing resources via a virtualization layer on top of which virtualized servers are built (visual representation). 50% of client server resources are for client usage and 50% are allocated to the collective to ensure community redundancy.

For economic partners of Curacao, a very important requirement is PE (permanent establishment) which means partners must have physical hardware on the island in order to meet regulatory requirements. The e-zone cloud has been built to meet these regulations as well as to offer the benefits and cost savings that community cloud computing can offer.

Amongst other things, a problem that new start up businesses face are costs associated to:

  • Technical skills such as server administrators, network experts, hardware experts.
  • High bandwidth costs.
  • Multiple servers and firewalls to ensure redundancy.
  • Server maintenance, unexpected hardware failures and business down time.

The e-zone cloud is able to help new businesses consolidate their costs through collaboration and intelligent networking. Since the basic infrastructure is already in place, all you need is a single server to benefit from our network and to meet PE requirements. Firewalls and extra servers can be rented directly from the cloud.

We also have the ability to optimize and share bandwidth costs for customers who are at the lower end of the usage scale and who are struggling to make ends meet.

Many clients require a database server for their business to operate optimally, the e-zone cloud has super fast database servers that our customer machines are allocated when our e-zone cloud software is installed.

Should your personal hardware fail or require maintenance, our cloud software easily allows us to move your entire virtualized cloud server off your machines resources so that the necessary maintenance can be done while your business continues to operate unaffected.

Overall we are confident we can offer you a significant saving as well as peace of mind which will give your business a better shot at success as well to ensure a long and happy business relationship with Curacao.