E-Zone cloud co-location, for economic partners of Curacao

The island of Curacao


Please read through our FAQ section before emailing us, this will help you to understand how the E-Zone cloud works and how you can benefit by plugging into this unique cloud environment.

  • What is a cloud?
    Cloud computing in the E-Zone context is simply a cluster of servers sharing resources such as cpu, hard drive space, ram etc. The purpose of this resource sharing is to provide a rock steady and affordable hosting environment to the members of the community. So by plugging your hardware into the e-zone cloud, for the price of your server you gain the resources and benefits of a $50,000 USD redundant clustered server environment.
  • Why should I co-locate my server with the E-Zone cloud rather than directly with a DC?
    The purpose of the E-Zone cloud is to provide a simple method for you to get online with as little mess and fuss as possible. Going the direct co-location route is perfectly fine if you have the resources to manage your hardware and the budget to build a fail safe redundant environment. Think of the E-Zone cloud as a pre-existing Operating System where all the hard work has already been done, so why go through the expense of re-write this OS when you can simply plug into it at no extra cost?
  • How does it work?
    You provide a machine to be plugged into the E-zone cloud (you will spend a little more than normal on your server, but it is worth it in the long run). Once your machine is connected we install the E-Zone cloud software onto your machine and ontop of this build a Virtual Machine (VM) that runs on your server.
  • How can my business stay online if my machine fails?
    When you join the E-Zone cloud, your hardware is plugged into a versatile cloud environment. Part of your requirements for joining is to share a minimum of 50% of your hardwares resources with the E-Zone cloud. We call this type of sharing, community collaboration. Once you collaborated with the community, the community collaborates with you. So if your hardware fails, the VM running on your machine is simply moved into the shared space while we service your hardware, thus your business stays online.
  • How is my information stored?
    Your information is raided across the community as well as backed up on the E-Zone SAN. So no matter what happens to your hardware the system has been designed to run directly from your hardware and from any other location in the community cloud.
  • What if my business grows and I need more servers?
    Depending on the resources you are using we can build additional VM machines on your own hardware. Should you reach your servers maximum capacity you have the option of upgrading the server to handle your new requirements or renting resources from the cloud.
  • Why should I host in Curacao's E-Zone cloud when I can get cheap hosting in the USA?
    It is likely you are operating your business form Curacao for the tax benefits you get by being based here. Either way, legally, you require a thing called Permanent Establishment (PE) which means you need to own hardware on the island in order to be seen as operating from it. How you operate your hardware is up to you, you can co-locate or you can co-locate with the e-zone cloud in order to piggy back off the vast community benefits you will get by doing so.
  • Do I pay a premium for bandwidth?
    Bandwidth on the island is very expensive. The price you are charged from the E-Zone cloud is the price the local DC charges the E-Zone cloud.
  • How does the E-Zone cloud make its money?
    The E-Zone cloud makes its money by renting out the various aspects and IP's of its business to its customers.
  • How do I take advantage of the discounts and free trials?
    The E-Zone cloud works with local trust companies, please ask your managemewnt company to provide you with a coupon. Please note that we can not offer discounts on things like bandwidth, only on services provided by the E-Zone cloud.