E-Zone cloud co-location, for economic partners of Curacao

ezone server

Economic partners of Curacao enjoy the benefits of low taxes, fantastic telecommunications infrastructure and professional business services and it is our goal to take this level of service one step further. In order to take the hardware management of new businesses to the next level we have developed a cloud-co-location service which allows economic partners the ability to plug their hardware into a highly redundant, super efficient computer pool giving their business the benefits of a server infrastructure worth thousands of dollars and for a fraction of the cost.

We offer the Rolls Royce of server management to our clients.

Traditionally new businesses to the island opt to manage their own hardware which gives them the liability of server maintenance, redundancy issues, hardware failures and technical personal expenses. With us, we take care of all of the above and can guarantee that even if your hardware suffers from catastrophic failure, your business will not go off-line.

Please read our FAQ section for a more detailed outline of our unique E-Zone hosting service.

Please take a look at a visual representation of our network.


  • Redundancy: your server(s) will have 100% up time, even if the hardware fails.
  • We manage your hardware, your business will stay online even if we are conducting maintenance on your servers.
  • Need more servers? No need to buy more hardware, we will create it for you on your personal cloud.
  • Your information is raided across the E-Zone cloud so even if your server suffered catastrophic failure, your business will stay online and your information will be safe.
  • Scalability, why use and pay for more than you need? Your business can easily be scaled to meet your requirements and budget.
  • Efficiency, for the price of one physical server we can give you multiple virtual servers through our cloud infrastructure.
  • Firewalls and load balancing can be provided, no need for you to purchase and manage additional hardware.

promotion: ask your Curacao trust company for your 1 month free trial
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Please note, your FREE TRIAL is to test our services before your hardware arrives (and does not apply to your own hardware being racked with us). In addition the 50% off only applies to our hosting/management fee and not to bandwidth usage.

Getting started:

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